10 Mar

Employee right….. what a disgrace ….enshried by law

24 Dec

Bias towards Ethiopian Jews – JPost – Opinion – Op-Eds

16 Dec

The bias against Jews of Ethiopian origin has infiltrated many aspects of society.

via Bias towards Ethiopian Jews – JPost – Opinion – Op-Eds.

Barbaric Gun Culture…

14 Dec

Coward elected officials, congress men and women  senators and executive branch which lacks a backbone to stand against mass murderers, serial murderers and the National Rifle Association (NRA) are all swimming in the  bloods of those innocent kids in Newtown, CT. and victims of gun violence all around continental US and around the world. 

The horror and fear gripping the surviving children for the remainder of their life is a sentence of torture dealt against innocence by the barbaric gun culture perpetuated in the name of………the constitution. Sad Day!